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Bespoked 2016 – launching Scarred Black

Introducing our latest finish, Scarred Black.

Bespoked Bristol is the UK’s biggest handmade bike show, and probably the biggest weekend in the British custom cycling calendar. This year we used the show to launch a new finish, Scarred Black. The beauty of this particular design is that it actually looks better the more wear and tear you get on the frame.

You see, we’ve worked out a way to make scratches and scuffs on your frame look good – making them an asset to your bike’s look, not a blemish. We’ve done this by using a mirror-polished stainless steel Columbus XCR tubeset, then painting over it with our signature black, leaving only a few ‘scratches’ uncovered. The result is that the stainless shines through creating this amazing silvery effect.

Then, when you inevitably get a ding on your frame, you just polish up the exposed steel underneath where the paint has been removed and voila, you have another striking chapter to add to your bike’s story.

We knew the finish was going to polarise opinion, but most people responded in an incredibly positive way to the bike we had on show at Brunel’s Old Station, the iconic venue for Bespoked 2016.

Several people picked up on the similarities to materials that mature, rather than decay, over time. Distressed denim and well-used leather both drew favourable comparisons. Others liked the ecologically sound element to the bike – because not everything has to be pristine to be desirable.

This last element really feeds into what we like about Scarred Black; it goes against our contemporary obsession with newness. The idea that things lose their value, both fiscal and emotional, once they get a few blemishes doesn’t sit well with us. We design bikes for a life beyond the showroom; objects to be used and loved, that will keep bringing you joy well after you wheel them away from the shop. Scarred Black is the perfect embodiment of that.

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