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Maximum Black review in Cyclist Magazine

We sent our fast, racy, lightweight road bike to be reviewed by Cyclist Magazine.

We were delighted when Cyclist Magazine asked to review our latest model, the Maximum Black, and even more pleased when we saw the results. Stu Bowers, deputy editor of Cyclist, had a great time with the bike, riding it from Dorset to London in a single ride as one of his first forays.  Stu gave us a fairly glowing write-up, calling the bike, among other things, “an undeniably elegant creation”.

We created Maximum Black in response to a request for a fast, light road bike – so every element of the design is geared towards speed. That’s not to say that it doesn’t deliver comfort though – Bowers also said, “I climbed off the bike unscathed by anything the bike dished out” after his 220km stint from Dorset.

Take a look below for the full Maximum Black review. Or check out the Maximum Black page in our collection where you can find out more about the design and componentry choices we made when developing the bike.

The Maximum Black is available exclusively through our new distributor, Velorution. You can check out a range of our frames in their Islington store.