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X-Black in the press

Who's saying what about our latest creation.

As our new collaboration with Moulton, the X-Black, goes out into the world, with the first few orders on their way to customers, it’s been an exciting time here at ColourBolt. Particularly fun has been seeing the wonderful press the bike has been getting. Here are a few of our favourite cuttings so far.


Gessato – Brooklyn-based art, architecture and style journal


ColourBolt x Moulton XBlack custom

“A stylish, high-end urban bike that looks like a work of art.”

“The new X-Black bike is as gorgeous as one would expect it to be. Maybe because the two companies couldn’t be a better match even if they tried.”

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CycleExif – Aussie-based curators of beautiful bicycles


ColourBolt x Moulton XBlack

“All true bicycle fans owe it to themselves to ride a small-wheeled bike to experience the wonderful alternative it offers. While there are plenty of options, those designed by the prodigious Alex Moulton are some of the best — and this special edition X-Black collaboration between Moulton and ColourBolt, makes it all the more enticing.”

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VeloCity Girl – pre-eminent London cycle-lifestyle blogger


DSCF2101 small

“The X-Black is fresh and innovative – something to celebrate in the industry, and this bike is on course to shake things up for sure.”

“When you hear whispers that Moulton and Colourbolt are joining forces, it sounds like a dream collaboration. But they really did it, and have launched the Moulton X-Black.”

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If you’d like to find out more about X-Black, or even better, take one for a spin – you can get in touch with our distribution partner, Velorution.