X-Black Moulton collab

A partnership and celebration of the complementary styles and aesthetics of two British bike makers

The X-Black is no normal ColourBolt, but rather a collaboration project with our friends at beloved British builder, Moulton Bicycles. Produced in partnership, using one of their iconic X frames as the basis, but with lots of our signature hallmarks, this is a model we're extremely proud of.
    Moulton’s iconic X frame was designed with lightness, stiffness, speed and comfort in mind – perfect for use in an urban life. The angle of the seat tube gives a more relaxed position without heavily compromising efficiency, while the flat bars and higher cockpit encourage riders to sit up and take in the world around them. And then of course there's the brand's pioneering suspension system to soften the ride – a first for us.
   The frame is painted with our Drenched Black finish, a super-tough industrial powder coat that is designed to withstand virtually anything that can be thrown at a bicycle. Originally conceived as a coating for our winter training bikes, Drenched has a raised, textured effect – which really has to be touched to be appreciated.