Handbuilt to order

How we make our bikes

Every one of our handbuilt bikes starts life the same way. Each ColourBolt build begins with a custom bike fitting session at Velorution. Led by bike fitting expert of over 20 years experience, Roger Graver, the team there will measure you up and, with the data they capture, create a custom frame geometry that is perfect for your style of riding.
    Every detail matters, from fork rake to the angle of your seat tube in relation to the ground. We listen to what you want from your bike and take this into account when designing the frame.
    The next step is selecting the right components for your build. With years of experience making custom bikes, we’re adept at balancing the aesthetics of the bike with demands of performance and, of course, your budget.
    Once the frame is complete and you’ve chosen your components, the Velorution team will painstakingly put all the pieces together, to create your dream machine.

Start the process today.