Scarred Black

The more you ride the better it looks

There’s something special about a steel bike. They have soul, so the saying goes. And part of the soul of a bike is in its various dents and dings – imperfections that tell a story. But what if every scrape and scratch made your bike look better, not worse? That’s the question that gave rise to our new Scarred Black paint finish.
    We started with a mirror polished stainless steel XCR frame, then we created some scratches – actually we copied them from another frame that has seen plenty of action in the past. We then made a mask of those scratches and used that to cover up bits of the new frame during the powder coating process. The effect once finished is of silvery scars showing through the finish and it looks incredibly cool.
    And the best bit? If you get any new bumps and dings you just polish up the steel beneath – so the more scrapes you get on the frame, the better it’ll look.
    The frames start at £3000, and the final cost depends on the chosen ‘scarring’ technique.

Interested in a Scarred Black build? Get in touch.