Black Nylon

Although we’ve been hard at it lately working on our newest fast and racy road bikes, it’s nice to see the single speeds are still catching people’s eye. We were delighted when the doyens of dapperness at Esquire picked out the Black Nylon as their choice for stylish guys looking to turn their daily commute into an opportunity to get the blood pumping and boost their fitness.
    The feature is all about keeping fit, and making sure you look good while doing it. They went to Gill Ord, of Mosquito Bikes, for a recommendation as to what bike best fit the bill – here’s what she said: “The ColourBolt has a low-key look, but underneath the ‘Black Nylon’ finish is a British handmade frame in Italian steel tubing. Each bike is custom made and the nylon coating is the same used on the London underground handrails.”
    As far as a potted summary goes, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Find out more about Ratty Black builds here, or read up on the Black Nylon finish.